datastor Server
† Big data Archive Strategy Solution
3.5in / 2.5in 60 Drive Inclued Rear Interface


Quanta MESOS M4600H Ultra Density & Fully Redundant 4U Disk Expansion Unit

† Datastor Storage Hardware System

As a high-density and fully redundant expansion storage platform, Quanta MESOS M4600H JBOD, with four external SAS ports, provides the connectivity by cascading JBODs and Quanta Servers. M4600H, populated with up to 60 X 3.5" or 2.5" form factor SAS and/or SATA Hard Disk Drives on 4U enclosure, bringing the scalability and cost effectiveness to direct attach storage.


Datastor Storage System "Oistor" is leverages the ZFS file system and is optimized for use in 2nd-tier NAS and iSCSI applications requiring open, low cost, high performance storage as well as dramatically simplified provisioning, expansion, backup, replication, and archiving. It is also used as a primary NAS in businesses that wish to expand at closer to commodity pricing. It supports unlimited snapshots, snapshot mirroring (replication), block level mirroring, integrated search, and easy management of extremely large storage pools.


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