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† Blade Platform DATASTOR DFS

† Datastor
Datastor DFS
Distributed File System

Ceph’s object storage system offers a significant feature compared to many object storage systems available today: Ceph provides a traditional file system interface with POSIX semantics. Object storage systems are a significant innovation, but they complement rather than replace traditional file systems. As storage requirements grow for legacy applications, organizations can configure their legacy applications to use the Ceph file system too! This means you can run one storage cluster for object, block and file-based data storage.

† Datastor Ceph is open source and freely-available, and it always will be

OBJECT STORAGE Ceph’s software libraries provide client applications with direct access to the RADOS object-based storage system, and also provide a foundation for some of Ceph’s advanced features, including RADOS Block Device (RBD), RADOS Gateway, and the Ceph File System.

LIBRADOS The Ceph librados software libraries enable applications written in C, C++, Java, Python and PHP to access Ceph’s object storage system using native APIs. The librados libraries provide advanced features, including:
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