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  • Panasas
  • Datastor NAS
  • Datastorcache
  • DatastorGPU
  • Datastormemory
  • Datastor DFS
  • Controller
    • CPU (Max 40 Core) Intel Xeon E7 Series
    • Memory (Max 2TB) DDR3 R-DIMM 64 slot
    • Raid Controller LSI 6Gb SAS RAID card
    • 8 2.5in DiskDrive ( option 2.5in 4 drive )
    • InterConnect 10Gbps SFP+, Infiniband QDR, FDR
    • OS Oistor (open indiana base ZFS)
  • Sub System : SATA Drive Inclued 60 pease (240TB)
    • SATAII or SATAIII Disk Drive ( 3.5" and 2.5" )
    • 4 6Gb/s mini-SAS ports per SIM
      • 3 Host ports
      • 1 OUT port for cascading
    • Form Factor 909.20mm x 447mm x 175.3mm
    • Weight 187.39 lb. (85 kg)
    • Power Supply
      • 2 1,400W high efficiency redundant PSUs
        200-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Datastor Storage appliance sets standard in enterprise NAS with best-in-class
    efficiency. It delivers the scale and functionality that enterprises demand combined
    with easy, appliance-based setup and administration that simplify management
    and lower TCO.
  • All of the SSDs in ActiveStor 14 are used as a fully integrated storage tier within the file system, focused on optimizing metadata and small file performance. The SSD layer is used to store both metadata and file data, specifically:
    • Metadata for files of all sizes. Metadata is accessed frequently so fast metadata access means a significant benefit for all types of workloads. All file operations, including reads and writes, require access to metadata. In many cases, such as directory listings, access to the metadata is all that is required to satisfy an I/O request.
    • File data for small files. Small file access can be disproportionately slow when read from, or written to, standard hard disk drives. Accesses of less than a full sector are inefficient, particularly for random I/O. Furthermore, reads and writes of small files can conflict with streaming reads or writes of large files to the same disk. By maintaining small files on SSD, such conflicts are eliminated. Finally, ActiveStor 14 stores the first 12KB of all files inside the file system metadata, improving SSD efficiency while increasing small file performance.
  • The Datastor NAS is a high performance, scalable NAS server; and the first storage system in its space that you do not have to provision. With DynamicRAID, hard drives can be added or replaced at any time to grow existing storage pools. Volumes grow automatically as drives are added, simplifying the management and reducing the time required to adapt to changing storage requirements. Ideal for storing both block and file data.
  • This 4U 24-bay Datastor NAS storage array supports up to 36 SATA, SAS, or SSD hard drives and integrates out of the box with Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh environments. Consolidate multiple servers into the DatastorNAS using the data import tool, or host virtual servers and database applications utilizing the iSCSI SAN feature. The NAS supports Microsoft VSS/VDS integration to simplify management and ensure application consistent snapshots. For data protection, the NAS has the ability to replicate to one or multiple Datastor NAS, take snapshots for point-in-time recovery, and perform backups to disk, VTL, or tape. With the ability to scale up to 288TB with Three DatastorNAS chassis, the Datastor NAS enables you to create a customized storage server with simple management and advanced features for any business environment.
  • Datastor Cache is a storage product that provides the incredibly fast IOPS performance at low cost. SSD cache for seven times, the performance of Read & Write to local disk for Ramdisk provides twice the performance in that it has the inherent features unleashes the Linux kernel has. For systems on the network can be used as a network storage features comfortable and less stressful cache using NFS / RDMA protocol ultra-fast speed of Infiniband.
  • BKL
    The global kernel lock is called the big kernel lock or BKL. It is a spinning lock that is recursive; therefore two consecutive requests for it will not deadlock the process (as they would for a spinlock). Further, a process can sleep and even enter the scheduler while holding the BKL. When a process holding the BKL enters the scheduler, the lock is dropped so other processes can obtain it. These attributes of the BKL helped ease the introduction of SMP during the 2.0 kernel series. Today, however, they should provide plenty of reason not to use the lock. Use of the big kernel lock is simple. Call lock_kernel() to acquire the lock and unlock_kernel() to release it. The routine kernel_locked() will return nonzero if the lock is held, zero if not. For example:

    /* critical region ... */

  • Accelerate your scientific and technical computing with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerators. Now developers and researchers can enjoy faster performance and more accessibility with the latest generation of Tesla GPUs based on NVIDIA Kepler™, the world's fastest and most efficient high performance computing architecture. Try the NVIDIA® Tesla K20 GPU accelerators and speed up your application by up to 10X.
  • GPU Platform
    • Processor Support:(2) Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 product family
    • Chipset:Intel® C602 chipset
    • Memory Support:(16) DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600MHz ECC UDIMM/RDIMM slots
    • Storage Support:(4) 2.5" hot-plug SATA hard drive bays
    • Power Supply:(2) 1600W high eciency PSU, 80+ Platinum, 200-240VAC 50/60Hz, the 2nd PSU is optional
    • 4 GPGPUs Support
Datastor Memory server is the ideal application and infrastructure server for organizations that need a reliable platform that can grow with their requirements. Its extensive scalability and powerful performance make it an excellent platform to consolidate virtualized environments, reducing system count in the data center and related management, heat, and power costs. Datastor server's next generation architecture based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family makes this consolidation possible. With up to 10 cores per processor, the Datastor Memory Server can support up to 40 cores. This is a dramatic increase in processor power over previous generation systems. Support for 2 TB of RAM (with 32 GB DIMMs) and ten PCI Express 2.0 slots assure that as workloads expand the system's capacity can expand as well. Robust cooling design, a variety of high availability features and extensive remote management solution maximize this systems uptime. Datastor Memory Server is a powerful server platform you can count on to deliver reliable, scalable performance.


Datastor DFS is best platform for applications the Distributed File System. Disk space can installed up to 72 TB memory capacity achieved up to 288 gigabytes. When installed in server rack 42U, 1 petabyte disk capacity, memoryare extensible up to 4TB, vast space is born.

Datastor DFS are available an object-oriented storage systems devices that take advantage of this vast space.


The Dataonstor Datastor DFS S100 is an ultra-dense 1U storage server specially tailored to meet the scale-out storage needs of diverse datacenters. It features large storage capacity of up to 14 SATA devices in compact 1U size, cost effective onboard design, and Intel’s high performance and efficient power processor.

The Datastor DFS S100 is a great choice for applications such as highly scalable and high-throughput object storage and distributed file system in cloud datacenters.

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