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† Panasas Active Stor 14 Series 80TB model power of built-in SSD
Eleven Blades 4U size shelf rear images

When it comes to reliability and availability, object RAID also has solid advantages when compared to pure file or block-based approaches. Instead of depending on legacy hardware RAID controllers that have no file level understanding, object RAID is performed on a per-file basis as an integral part of PanFS with three independent, complementary tiers of parity protection:

PanFS Three independent parity protection

  • Horizontal Parity
  • With Panasas storage, data reconstruction occurs in parallel at an object level, restoring the system to a fault tolerant state at industry-leading speeds.
  • Vertical Parity
  • It dramatically reduces the risk of dual drive failures by isolating and repairing media errors at the disk level before they impact the integrity of the horizontal parity.
  • Network Parity
  • It automatically corrects any data corruption introduced by the network infrastructure by performing data integrity verification at the client node itself.
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