datastor Server
Datastor Storage 4U 60 slot System (MAX : SATA 4TB , 240TB)

solution enables massive data capacity applications, at a price/performance point per GB that meets your fast-moving business requirements. Besides functioning as a standalone external direct attached storage JBOD for standard serial attached SCSI host connect, With up to 60 3.5” form factor SAS and SATA Hard Disk Drives per 4U enclosure, Datastor Storage is an ultra-dense, space and power savings solution. 

Datastor Storage is Unified Storage System

Datastor Storage Server leverages the ZFS file system and is optimized for use in 2nd-tier NAS and iSCSI applications requiring open, low cost, high performance storage as well as dramatically simplified provisioning, expansion, backup, and archiving.



  • ZFS – the last word in filesystems
  • Zones – a Lightweight Virtualisation Technology
  • COMSTAR – an enterprise SCSI target system supporting iSCSI/iSER/FC/FCOE
  • Crossbow – a next generation fully virtualised high performance network stack
  • DTrace – an extensive, deep diagnosis and debugging framework
  • Boot Environments – transactional operating system upgrades with rollback
  • Role Based Access Control – RBAC allows granting least-privilege access to processes and users
  • IP Multipathing – IPMP provides high availability networking and greater bandwidth
  • Integrated L3/L4 kernel mode Load Balancer
  • Integrated VRRP IP failover facility
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