datastor Server
† Panasas The world’s fastest parallel storage system
11 Blades for two Director Blade + 9 Storageblades Director Blade
The dramatically faster metadata and small file performance delivered by activestor 14 is of value across vertical markets and customers.
† activestor 14 CONFIGURATIONS

activestor 14 models are based on three different types of storage blades that feature different HDD/SSD choices:

  • ActiveStor 14: 2x4TB HDD + 120GB SSD, 8GB cache
  • ActiveStor 14: 2x4TB HDD + 300GB SSD, 8GB cache
  • ActiveStor 14T: 2x2TB HDD + 480GB SSD, 16GB cache


Solid State Drive (SSD) technology has become accepted and broadly used in enterprise storage. SSDs are extremely fast, but are expensive for higher capacity deployments, so efficient use of the technology is critical to maximize performance while keeping costs down. activestor 14 leverages SSDs to deliver highly optimized, high performance storage for mixed workloads - large file throughput and small file IOPS.
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